Tru Rules

Be Active

No Successful clan has inactive players. It helps with wars, donations, and promoting yourself. 

Be Loyal

Loyalty is a word that is almost extinct, but us Tru Clasaholics believe it still exsist. Loyalty isnt something we can teach its something thats installed in all of us, some a little more then others.

Be True

Tru isnt just a clan we can better our self in its something we can better others in too. Speak your mind but be mindful of others as well. Clash hard and get stars will get you promoted and respected.


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About the Leaders


He doesn't always chat but when he does he cant SHUT UP! He is a proud father of 2 little Princesses. You will never know when he is being serious since he is trolling 75% of the time.  

Age Whocares


First Dan is just a beast! Dude is a proud Father of a baby boy GK! Dan has been Clashing for a a little more then 3 years.

Age Unknown

Uncle Smoothie

This man has been called many names n his life time and still unknown to the WORLD, but we know him as TIO!! He eats Steak and Lobster for breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. His dessert  is your base.... 

Age Unknown